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Workplace Flexibility at Schwab

The freedom & flexibility to bring your best self to work.

As a company that was founded on the desire to innovate and challenge the status quo, we know the environment in which you work in should also follow suit. That's why we're proud to offer our employees the flexibility of hybrid work to better reflect the changing ways that people live and work. So what does this mean for you?

When we're fully back in the office, you'll have the freedom of hybrid work with the ability to split your time between working remotely with your furry friend and in-person at one of our beautiful office campuses.

As always, we encourage our employees to have a discussion with their manager on what works best for them based on their role and individual circumstances. (Some roles may have limits on Work From Home availability.)

To continuously serve our clients, Branch employees may follow a different Workplace Flexibility Program.

Below you'll find a map that includes our nationwide office locations. Check out our locations page to learn more about our Schwab and TD Ameritrade Branch locations!

Want to hear from our employees about their remote work experience? Our Thankful 2020 video features testimonials on how Schwabbies have been supported by the firm and their team members throughout the work from home transition.

Charles Schwab
Charles Schwab Office Locations

Read what our employees have to say about our Workplace Flexibility Program:

Finding myself thankful to work for an amazing company that’s become family and has pulled together as one to ensure coverage where needed, adjusting priorities, and for allowing so many to WFH in very short order.
- Heather R., Director, Operational Risk Management

I think this experience reminded me about the beauty and benefit of collaboration. It’s also been a reminder about the importance of being transparent, honest, collaborative and flexible.”  - Giselle M., Director, Project Management

"I’ve always thought that work isn’t a place that you go, but instead something that you do. That thought coupled with my entire Schwab tenure consisting of working closely with individuals all across the country, has given me an appreciation for the flexibility that Schwab offers. Working remotely lets me accomplish the same work while also serving as my dog’s emotional support human. Eliminating my commute allows me more time to focus on things outside of work that matter to me most." 
- Luke S., Manager, Schwab Charitable

Discover more ways that Schwab has met the challenge of our new reality and how employee safety is always top of mind.

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For more than 40 years, Schwab has been building a business designed to help people take control of their financial futures. The same applies to our people. That's why we invest in our employees and their futures, providing them with a valuable benefits package that not only helps them stay healthy, but also gives them complimentary financial advice.

Make sure to check out our detailed summary of benefits to see how Schwab is committed to providing flexibility in an everchanging environment.