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Schwoomerangs: Returning to Schwab with Maressa M.

By: Beau H., Content Manager

Maressa M., a Manager in Event & Production Services, started her career at Schwab only a short time after donning her college graduation cap. For her, the early opportunity wasn’t just a job – it was the chance to start building a path toward real growth and fulfillment, which is “something that not everyone gets to have the honor of experiencing.”

In her debut role within Corporate Real Estate, Maressa quickly began making a big impact. She played a crucial role in shaping the events program for Schwab's Lone Tree campus and ended up loving the work so much that she decided to pursue a spot on our Schwab events team. In order to gain the experience needed to make this career change, she took a job with a company in Florida – but resolved to bring her new skills right back to Schwab.

Maressa’s journey mirrors many other “Schwoomerangs” – or employees who have returned to our organization after leaving. Join us for this installment of a series where we dive into the experiences of these colleagues and learn how our benefits, career opportunities, and human-centric culture influenced their decision to return. 

Q: What initially attracted you to Schwab?

Maressa: “Schwab was my first job out of college and my first major place of employment. Prior to graduation, I was planning to work in the golf industry, but then an opportunity opened up for me here. I went after it because I saw room for growth, and I know the importance of not being stagnant in your career; you should always be looking for ways to get more experience. Schwab gives you that ability to flourish, which was why I was initially drawn to work here.”

Q: During your time away, did you find that our values and culture were unique compared to other organizations you worked for?

Maressa: “Yeah, I did. In my first role, I did a lot of internal work, which helped me build connections and experience our collaborative environment to the fullest. Beyond that, I truly feel like Schwab values helping employees reach the next level of their careers – which aligned with my goal of progressing into new areas of work.”

“Even when I was considering a position in Florida, I felt comfortable enough here to consult with my Schwab manager about changing companies. She saw how this move could boost my personal and professional growth, and helped me reach the decision to take the new opportunity. You just don’t get that kind of support anywhere else.”

Q: What led you to return to Schwab?

Maressa:  “I always had my heart set on coming back here. The whole reason that I took the role in Florida was because I knew it would make me a stronger candidate for future steppingstones in my career.  So I left, got that experience, and then a former colleague of mine, who just happened to be on the Schwab events team, contacted me about an open position and I applied.”

“Another reason I came back was because I missed our people and our inclusive culture. Without changing companies and taking new opportunities, I don’t think I would have had anything to compare Schwab to –  my time away really opened my eyes to just how unique we are here.”

Q: In your view, how has Schwab evolved since your initial departure to now?   

Maressa: “For me, not a lot has changed. The same things that I missed while away are what brought me back. All the connections I made, the people that I became friends with, and that sense of professional support have remained constant. Being able to work for a company with our level of consistency and impact makes me proud to call myself a “Schwabbie” –  it’s a term that carries positivity because everyone knows we’re a great company.”

Q: Were there any Schwab initiatives or programs that caught your attention and influenced your decision to return?

Maressa: “Yes! We’re very supportive of all kinds of people and their cultures, which I love. In my first role, I had the chance to help our Employee Resource Groups put on various events and celebrations, so I was exposed to the efforts we make to create an inclusive environment.”

“I also appreciate our Time to Volunteer benefit and try to take advantage of it. There are different organizations that I like to partner with on my personal time and I believe it’s a gift  to have those approved hours to give back. These kinds of initiatives played a big part in my decision to return, because they show what kind of company we are at our core.”

Q: What advice would you give to individuals who are considering joining, or returning to, Schwab? 

Maressa: “It's pretty simple for me – we’re a great company, and when you have something to compare it to, it’s not hard to see. Schwab really cares about its employees, which is sometimes hard to find out there in the professional world. If you want to work at a place that focuses on your wellness and professional success, this is the company for you – take that next step and apply.”

Q: Is there anything else you’d like us to know or want to share?

Maressa: “I've taken away something from every company I’ve worked for. They've all taught me great things, but I wouldn’t have had the same career advancement opportunities if I hadn’t come back to Schwab. With my new skills and life changes, I’m able to map out the next steppingstones in my career here, and plan to be a lifelong Schwabbie.”