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By: Chelsey S.

Sr. Manager, Communications

Jordan H. is a proud military veteran. He spent five-and-a-half years in the Marine Corps, including a 2012 deployment to Afghanistan. And after his military career ended and he found civilian work as a consultant, he stayed connected to his service. He served as a leader of his firm’s veterans’ network, he joined the board of a non-profit that helps veterans find employment, and he continues to meet virtually with his Marine buddies every Friday Night to maintain a sense of camaraderie he misses from his time in the military.

But while he found fulfillment in establishing a career in data analytics and cyber security, working 60 to 90 hours a week, and traveling Monday through Thursday, wasn’t a viable option after the birth of his daughter Louella three years ago. He needed to find a way to better balance work and family life. He ultimately found his path forward with Schwab, when he accepted a position on the cyber risk insights team and relocated to Phoenix.

A family friendly career

“It’s been awesome here,” explains Jordan. “Everyone has been so supportive of me prioritizing my family. In fact, my manager’s out on maternity leave herself right now.”

Shortly after joining Schwab, Jordan had another child, a son named Roger, and was able to spend six weeks at home with him through Schwab’s parental leave benefit. He says the opportunity to spend this time with his son made him “absolutely smitten” with him.

Schwab’s support has since become life-changing for both Jordan and his new baby, who was born with multiple complicated heart defects. There’s been times when Jordan has had to unexpectedly drop everything to take Roger to the emergency room, and he’s thankful for the trust and flexibility his job has provided him. In September, Jordan will be taking a leave of absence to travel to Boston for the baby’s second of three needed heart surgeries.

Changing priorities

Coming to Schwab, Jordan knew he wanted to seek out a leadership position in an employee resource group (ERG). “The Military Veterans Network (MVN) was in my comfort zone, but I wondered if I should look somewhere else,” he explains.

He reflected upon what matters most to him, and asked for input from his wife, who founded and is co-president of the families ERG at her company. “We had a big talk about it,” explains Jordan. “And she brought up a good point—that there are surely lots of men in the military group, but men are likely underrepresented in the families group.”

That conversation gave Jordan the nudge he needed. While he’d already been attending some of the Families at Schwab (FAMS) meetings, he reached out and expressed interest in a leadership role. “I was just hoping for a chapter plugin to see where there was a need in Phoenix,” explains Jordan. “But now I am the only male on the national team for FAMS, and I do my best to provide a different perspective to our amazing FAMS team.”

A leader, a champion, and a bridge builder

Jordan hasn’t had to leave his commitment to the military and veterans behind, as he now serves as an ERG integrator for FAMS, working with other ERGS to see how they can team up. Last year, Jordan partnered with MVN for a Toys for Tots fundraiser. Earlier this year, he collaborated with the PRIDE+ for an event focused on adoption—a cause important to both groups. And he’s working on a new collaboration with the Charles Schwab Abilities Network (CSAN) right now.

“Everyone’s family probably looks a little different,” explains Jordan. “But most people have family in some capacity. Most people can relate to family.”

That’s why integration among FAMS and other ERGs makes so much sense—through shared causes, ERGs can expand their impact together. And members get the benefit of working on causes that touch more aspects of their identity.

Enjoying fatherhood

With Father’s Day nearly here, Jordan’s been able to reflect on his journey to parenthood. “I always knew I wanted to be a dad. But I wanted to focus on my career first,” he explains. “Now that I’ve gotten to a place where I’m more balanced at work, I’ve really been enjoying fatherhood.”

He adds that he’s picked up bits and pieces from both his dad and his stepdad to make him the father that he is today. And, while becoming a father has changed his priorities, it’s also changed his perspective.

“For me, it’s been a really good growing experience on a personal level and has shown me what I really care about,” explains Jordan. “I’m a speck in the universe. I’m not going to be in any history books. My big thing is that I love and spend time with my kids. And they are my legacy.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and the people that fill the role of dads in families!