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Pursuing a career in finance can seem like a daunting task. To give yourself a shot at success, it’s critical to have access to the right information, training, and inclusive learning environment that supports professional growth.

Jessica M., a Client Relationship Specialist, found this level of support after joining the Client Services team at Schwab. Read on to learn about the opportunities and people that helped her toward passing her licensing exam and becoming a full time Schwabbie.    

What initially brought you into finance, and then over to Schwab?

Jessica: Back when I was in college, my husband and I bought a house. That experience left us with a bad impression of banking in general. Several months later, a friend of mine invited me to apply to the bank she was working at, and I decided to join the field to provide people with a higher level of service.

While working in my role as a teller, I had the opportunity to get involved with wealth management services, and it was there that I discovered my passion for helping clients reach their financial goals. From that time forward, I’ve enjoyed being able to provide solutions to my customers and build long-term relationships based on trust and integrity.

I came to Schwab because I’ve always admired how they put clients first and commit to that principle of service. After joining the team, I discovered that we truly value client relationships and gaining their trust, which aligned with my personal views of finance. I also appreciated the Schwab internal family - how we treat our teammates creates an incredibly positive work environment.  

How did you feel supported in your journey toward gaining licensure?

Jessica: Schwab empowered me to be successful by providing the books, online access, and practice exams I needed for studying. I was also given the opportunity to familiarize myself on all the material during work hours, which enabled me to maintain a healthy work/life balance.  

I believe that my team played a big role in my success as well. After barely missing the mark on the Series 7 exam, my manager, Joshua C., advocated for me to have extra time to study for my re-test, which was a huge deal. After receiving that extra level of support, I was able to pass both the Series 7 and Series 63 exams and gain licensure!

When it comes down to it, I felt a constant level of support from everyone around me. They always checked-in and would ask if I had any questions, concerns, or things I needed to voice. If there's anything you're struggling with, having a team like that behind you can make all the difference.

Now that you’re getting more established in your role, where do you see your career going at Schwab?

Jessica: One of my favorite things about this industry is building relationships with my clients – it's something that's always been important to me, so I want to remain in an outward facing role. Because of my background in banking and passion for service to others, I eventually want to become a financial consultant with Schwab Wealth Advisory. And, the best part is, I know I’ll be supported while working to achieve that goal.   



Empowering Success: Finding the Support to Pass Series 7 at Charles Schwab  

By: Beau Hombach

Content Manager, Talent Acquisition 

Jessica M., After Passing Her Exam

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