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Schwoomerangs: Returning to Schwab with Jamie F.

By: Beau H., Content Manager

Jamie F., a Manager in Talent Acquisition, started her career at Schwab in 2018 at our Lone Tree, Colorado campus. She was initially tentative about the opportunity, but quickly found our culture and people to be supportive of her success. “For me, Schwab was a household name because my parents were clients. It was one of those companies that I never thought I would be able to work for—I was green in my career and its strong reputation made me feel like it was out of reach. But my director took a chance on me, and from day one, I felt how growth-oriented this company and its leadership is.”

After a few years in her role, Jamie decided to pursue a different professional opportunity in Austin, Texas. While she enjoyed exploring the city with her dog (and still does), there was a looming issue at her new job – the leadership simply didn’t invest in her development. Soon thereafter, she made the choice to return to our company, where she felt that her goals were prioritized.

Jamie’s journey back to Schwab mirrors many other “Shwoomerangs” – employees who have returned to our organization after leaving. Join us for this installment of a series where we dive into the experiences of Schwoomerangs and learn how our benefits, career opportunities, and human-centric culture influenced their decision to return. 

Q: What initially attracted you to Schwab, and how did that align with your personal values?

Jamie: “Schwab was a household name growing up as my parents were clients. It was one of those companies that I never thought I would be able to work for—I was green in my career and its strong reputation made me feel like it was out of reach. But my director took a chance on me, and from day-one I really felt how truly growth and development-oriented this company and its leadership is.”

Q: During your time away, did you find that our values and culture were unique compared to other organizations you worked for?

Jamie: “Absolutely. The way that leaders at Schwab care about their employees’ development is incomparable. At other companies, you’ll hear leaders say it, but at Schwab, you’ll actually experience it.”

“Schwab’s TA organization is leaps and bounds ahead of others from an operational standpoint, and I can confidently suggest this would apply to orgs across the firm. Things like team culture and individual development can only be a priority when operational functions are strong and streamlined—and that’s what you get at Schwab.”

Q: What led you to return to Schwab?

Jamie: “This may sound like pandering, but in all honesty, I returned because of the leadership at Schwab. I truly missed being able to trust the vision of my leaders and the company that I worked for, so I came back. Luckily, I had kept in touch with my amazing manager who had invested so much into my development over the years. I knew that any success I’d seen in my career thus far was directly attributable to my director and manager at Schwab, who believed in me and saw my potential amidst the growing pains of someone coming into her own in her career. I realized I didn’t want that to be a part of my past—I wanted it to be a part of my future.”

Q: Have you felt supported by your colleagues and empowered to learn and grow at Schwab?

Jamie: “I love my team. The way we challenge each other to be our best is so special. I remember a moment years ago when I was having a 1-1 with a colleague who, in the most supportive and encouraging way, called me out on not meeting our team KPIs at the time. Because of the trusting working relationship we had developed and the implicit positive intentions, this feedback didn’t sting, but rather lit a fire under me in the precise way I needed at that time. I got off the phone with him, IMed my director and within the hour I think had a call with her where I vulnerably shared with her that I was aware of not meeting my goals and that I had a plan to get there. I remember so clearly the gratitude my director expressed in that moment that I came to her about this, and then the encouragement she gave me. Those two interactions will always stick with me as a clear representation of what makes Schwab’s culture so unique.”

Q: In your view, how has Schwab evolved since your initial departure to now?

Jamie: “Coming back to Schwab felt like coming home. The firm has been, and is going through, so much transformation and change, but its culture and the things that drew me back have remained consistent and have held strong. Our culture isn’t made up of fragile platitudes that snap with the “winds of change,” so to speak; our firm’s values are deeply engrained and organically interwoven—they hold up as the firm continues to evolve.”

Q: Were there any Schwab initiatives or programs that caught your attention and influenced your decision to return?

Jamie: “Our development programs, both formal and informal, are definitely unique and something I thought about when considering returning. I think it was more so the informal and highly accessible mentorship that was a part of that consideration for me.”

Q: What advice would you give to individuals who are considering joining, or even returning to Schwab? 

Jamie: “This is a place where you can build a life-long career. Schwab, like any company, has its own ecosystem of sorts. And, when it comes to organic growth and development, it’s a place where people can flourish and mature, expand, and proliferate knowledge to others who are looking to grow and do the same. If that’s what you’re looking for, start exploring. There are so many opportunities for all different areas of expertise, levels, and skillsets.”

Q: Is there anything else you’d like us to know or want to share?

Jamie: “If you’re in the interview process and curious about the culture of Schwab or the team you’re considering, don’t be afraid to ask your Talent Advisor and other interviewers about their Schwab experience. We’re all super passionate about what makes Schwab special and would love to share our stories with you.”