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In a continuation of our Employee Resource Group Spotlight series, we’re featuring the Asian Professionals Inclusion Network at Schwab (APINS). Keep reading to learn about the group, APINS goals, and the helpful resources it gives to both members and allies to drive inclusion and professional development at Schwab. 

In order for everyone to reach their full potential, inclusion is key. That’s why, at Schwab, we’ve created Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help establish ‘Schwabbie’ communities where our people feel valued, represented, and empowered to thrive.

One of these ERGs, the Asian Professionals Inclusion Network at Schwab (APINS), is focused on building an inclusive network of members and allies while creating future leaders through professional development opportunities, collaboration, cultural awareness, and knowledge sharing.  

What is APINS Mission?

The collective efforts of APINS strive to leverage the diverse experiences and ideas of its members and others to promote awareness, celebrate successeseducate, and collaborate on important initiatives across finance. In the spirit of inclusion and valuing the diverse perspectives of all people, the APINS community encourages all Schwabbies to join its ranks and get involved.

How Does APINS Empower its Members to Thrive?

As a community, APINS empowers leaders, members, and allies to promote awareness, celebrate successes, educate, and collaborate on important initiatives across our firm. In the spirit of inclusion and valuing the diverse perspectives of all people, the APINS community encourages all Schwabbies to join its ranks and get involved in making a positive impact in the Asian community. To ensure their success in reaching this goal, APINS works to create a national voice for clarity and direction, increase focus on the growth and engagement of members, and support inclusivity efforts at Schwab.


Under APINS National sits region-specific chapters that work together to organize important cultural celebrations and milestone recognitions. These chapters are located in:

Austin, TX

Chicago, IL

Denver, CO

Phoenix, AZ

San Francisco, CA

From virtual and in-person Diwali celebrations to events and learning sessions during Asian American and Pacific Islander month and beyond, APINS National and its chapters provide opportunities for members, allies, and other curios participants to learn and grow. Apart from the chance to network with other Schwab employees at these events, participants are able to gain a greater understanding of Asian society, history, and the wealth of experiences that community members are able to share.

Resources and Awareness

Available to all members and employees alike, APINS keeps a library full of virtual resources and helpful links that are designed to promote awareness and contribute to the success of fellow peers. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Asian awareness articles and research
  • Link to Pan-Asian Organizations like Asia Society and Ascend Leadership
  • Event sign up opportunities for networking, celebrations, and more
  • Volunteerism information to contribute to surrounding communities

Career Development and Leadership

As a part of APINS focus on supporting the success of its members and allies, they make available a collection of comprehensive career development programs and leadership resources that employees can use. Of the programs displayed, many have contributed to the success stories of past and current Schwabbies and continue to empower people to thrive at our firm. Some of these programs and resources include:

  • Schwab’s Aspiring Leader Program
  • Schwab’s many Early Talent and Internship Programs in service, tech, finance and more
  • External links to manager and career tools podcasts and renowned business reviews

Driving Awareness and Encouraging Membership

APINS is playing a vital role in driving awareness and support for Asian professionals within the organization and beyond. Through various initiatives and practices, APINS is actively raising awareness about the unique challenges faced by Asian professionals and fostering a culture of understanding and appreciation. The resource group organizes events, panel discussions, and workshops that highlight the achievements and contributions of Asian professionals, while also addressing issues such as cultural identity, bias, and stereotypes. APINS encourages open dialogue and networking, providing a platform for Asian professionals to connect, collaborate, and share their experiences. By championing diversity and creating a supportive community, Schwab's APINS is making significant strides in increasing awareness and driving positive change for Asian professionals and allies.


“It was through my involvement in APINS that I became more aware of AAPI Heritage Month, which has been an opportunity to reflect on AAPI culture as a whole as well as my personal story.” – Michelle H., APINS National co-Chair


“I’m passionate about promoting Asian culture and inclusion, and I’m excited about sharing it with more people outside our community…we’re not an exclusive club – just showing up and sharing your story goes a long way. Just get involved!” – Yang W., Austin Chapter co-Chair 



ERG Spotlight: Asian Professionals Inclusion Network APINS 

By: Beau H., 

Content Manager

Charles Schwab

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