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ERG Spotlight: Families at Schwab (FAMS)

By: Jamie F., Manager, Talent Acquisition

In a continuation of our Employee Resource Group Spotlight series, we’re featuring our Families at Schwab (FAMS) Employee Resource Group. Keep reading to learn about this impactful community, its goals, and the ways it supports the success of employees and their families.

We’ve established a wide array of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to ensure our people feel welcomed and valued. These employee-run communities give “Schwabbies” a space to come together around common interests, shared characteristics, or life experiences.

One of these groups, our FAMS ERG, is helping members thrive by providing support for Schwab parents, guardians, and caregivers. This includes networking opportunities, life hacks, wellness resources, referrals and more. It’s this group’s mission to support every Schwab family, in whatever way you define your family!

Creating Community for Families at Schwab

Here at Schwab, we never tire of our “Schwisms,” and one you’ll often hear is “Schwamily,” – or Schwab family. In an effort to foster this sense of family amongst members, we regularly host engaging events like Schwab Family Week, where we celebrate the diverse Schwamilies across our company. Different locations will host their own Family Fun Days, special topic events on subjects ranging from dyslexia to caregiving, and even sessions that give advice for growing your family.

With 14 chapters across the country and a total of 2,400 members (and growing!), it’s never hard to find an event and connect with other members. Currently, the ERG’s chapters are located in:

Austin                 Chicago               Dallas/Ft. Worth

Denver                El Paso                Indianapolis

Omaha               Orlando              Phoenix

Richfield             San Diego           San Francisco

St. Louis              & Virtual

These events provide year-round opportunities to learn from one another, champion our families, and grow our community by forging authentic connections. 

Building Better Work/Life Balance

A crucial part of setting Schwab families up for success is ensuring a strong work-life balance. In addition to the aforementioned resources, FAMS also provides extensive internal and external Wellness Resources, which focus on mental health and well-being, a list of curated podcasts and books on wellness, and more.

Kelsy T., Sr. Specialist in Talent Acquisition shares:  "My family has grown within the last year, and I’m excited to now call myself a first-time mom. When I returned from maternity leave, I joined FAMS for the community. It has opened the door for me to connect with other parents at Schwab and gives me the opportunity to incorporate my family into my work. It makes work-life balance even better!"

Supporting the Success of Every Schwamily  

Here, you’ll hear the phrase “family comes first” quite a bit. This is a consistent sentiment when it comes to prioritizing the immediate needs of a family member that might come up during a workday, but it also extends far beyond that.

Our FAMS ERG acts as a centralized hub for Schwab’s commitment to setting its employees and their families up for long term success. FAMS provides extensive and diverse resources to ensure every family at Schwab has the support they need at different points in time, and for different situations. You’ll find resources on financial literacy, focused on saving money for college, retirement, or family vacation. You’ll find education-specific resources on college savings, tutoring resources, and more. You’ll find resources for families with special needs children and/or family members, childcare, parental leave, starting a family, and even resources for pet parents. FAMS has you covered and is committed to helping you and your family navigate everyday challenges.

FAMS provides a robust community, as well as a wide range of resources and events, that help Schwab families navigate challenges and own their future. If you’re seeking a new opportunity with a company that sees you as more than just an employee, but a whole person, look no further—explore careers with Schwab today!