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Attracting and retaining a diverse pool of talented people is one of the ways we’re bringing fresh perspectives to finance. Dani N., a Local Acquisition Marketing Partner, is at the forefront of this effort to create experiences that help to convert passionate prospects into full-fledged, impactful Schwabbies. Keep reading to learn more about her journey, the support she’s received, and the advice she has for women trying to advance in their careers.

Dani’s introduction to Schwab came over the summer following her Junior year of college, where she translated her love of marketing into an internship in the very same field. For her, it was apparent from the start that our firm was invested in supporting people’s growth; during her internship, she discovered our innovative Marketing Rotational Program and worked hard to gain a spot.

“Our Marketing Rotational Program was something that really caught my eye. I worked hard that summer and received an offer to come back and be a part of the program. It's difficult to figure out what you want to do after college, even for someone like me who had previous interest in marketing – so the program is a huge benefit.”

After securing a full-time position at Schwab, Dani went all-in on the program. It was here that she had the opportunity to try her hand at different roles and gain a deeper understanding of jobs in the field. Through the people she encountered and her experiences working in different areas of our firm, Dani felt supported in her quest to find a role that matched her professional passions and innate abilities.

“The fact that Schwab has this program where I could try out different roles and discover what I wanted to do within marketing was a total draw for me. I was initially hired as Senior Specialist, and as I went through the marketing rotation program, I had the unique opportunity to jump around to different areas of the field. I feel lucky to have been a part of the program and progress in my career.”

Thriving in a Supportive Culture

It was during her last rotation that Dani found a role best suited to her strengths. As a self-described ‘people person’ with strong communication skills and the desire to build meaningful relationships, she started down her new path as a Local Acquisition Marketing Partner. As an added benefit, this new capacity allowed her to see the immediate and positive impact of her hard work.

“Near the end of my rotation, I was starting to look for a permanent role at Schwab. Because I had built so many fantastic relationships at our firm, I was able to connect with some colleagues working on our local marketing team and set up one-on-one meetings with them to gain further insight into the job. My interest only grew as I interviewed for a spot - it seemed as if the role perfectly matched my strengths and aligned with the professional route I wanted to take. Having the opportunity to work with people, build lasting relationships, and see the results of my work helps me feel like I’m making a difference.”

It’s well known that Schwabbies pride themselves on maintaining a supportive, collaborative culture. Apart from the career development opportunities Dani encountered in her rotational program, she also feels that her manager’s willingness to encourage her explore new career areas enabled her to truly thrive. After opting for an early transition out of the rotational program, Dani was met with encouragement from her leader to purse a permanent position with Local Marketing.   

“I love many things about working here. Every manager I’ve had at our company genuinely wants to help you grow professionally. For example, when I showed interest in getting out of the rotational program early and pursuing a new role, my manager was all on board and helped me to get prepared..’” 

Advice for Women’s Professional Advancement

A key part of successfully advancing in your career is working in an environment that helps you feel empowered to learn and grow. For Dani, Schwab’s culture provided just that – a nurturing space which gave her the confidence to find a role where she could make the largest impact.

“I often have to present to branch managers and financial consultants, and naturally a lot of them are men. At first it seemed intimidating, but ultimately didn’t matter - everyone is always respectful to me even though I am in a new role and still learning. People at our firm care about you, your skills, and what you bring to the table. It feels like Schwabbies simply want to support you and your success.”

From her early days as an intern to her current role, Dani has learned the importance of that gained confidence. For her, having self-belief is an essential part of career progression for women, as it enables them to better chase their dreams and take calculated risks.

“It's a matter of redefining how I viewed myself. Through focusing on building up my confidence, I was able to present as an expert in my subject whenever I had to address colleagues. It doesn’t matter that I’m a younger female – when I act with confidence, I’m better equipped to meet challenges and put myself forward for new opportunities.”  

 Career Spotlight: Dani N.'s Career Development Journey 

By: Beau H., 

Content Manager

Charles Schwab

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