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Build a Career at Schwab: Jackie's Journey to Becoming a Licensed Financial Consultant Partner 

By: Beau H., Content Manager

At Schwab, we support the success of our people by offering the paid training, mentorship, and experience they need to pursue their Series 7 licensing. For many, gaining licenses is a pivotal moment in their professional journey, as it opens the door to a wide variety of career opportunities across the field of finance.

Driven by a passion for service, Jackie S. has successfully taken her career to new heights. Keep reading to learn how paid time to study, comprehensive training, and support from women mentors empowered her to pass licensing tests and reach her goal of becoming a Financial Consultant Partner at Schwab.

Tell us about your current role.

“Financial consultant partner roles are unique because they allow you to work in a variety of areas. It’s part client outreach, sales, and even operations – all while supporting your financial consultant and their practice.”

“I’m inviting clients out to events, holding virtual meetings about the debt ceiling, or even sending flowers to clients for their birthday. In this job, you get to do a little bit of everything - there's such a wide range of possibilities here.”

What brought you over to Schwab?

“I started with Schwab back in August 2020 after six years of work at a different firm – I was ready for a change and wanted to pursue a career with a company that’s recognized for their great ethics and service to clients. Already being in the industry, I knew that Schwab had that reputation and genuinely cared about the success of employees and the people they serve, so I decided to make the switch.”

“I came to Schwab as a core rep., and then was encouraged to explore working in active trader and eventually did a year in partner support. Those experiences helped me find success in getting this financial consulting partner role, which had been my goal for some time. By working with a financial consultant, I’m able to understand how they run their practice, see what I can learn from them, and eventually work toward growing into the same role.”

Have you felt supported along your professional journey at Schwab?

“Yes! I’ve had amazing mentors, managers, and leaders throughout my time here. The level of support I’ve received is such a vast contrast from my previous company - coming to Schwab was truly a breath of fresh air.”  

“I have had several women mentors here, like Ashley M., Jess L., or Adrienne T., who have empowered me to be bold in my work. I think that, in a male dominated industry, it’s important to have strong women leaders who can share their perspectives, their growth, and their journey. That's what makes it different at Schwab; we don’t just have managers - we have leaders that inspire us to make an impact.”

Tell us about what it’s like to work with your financial consultant.

“The consultant I support, Denise P., is a 39-year Schwab veteran who’s at the top of her game. It’s an amazing opportunity to work for her and assist the practice because I get to learn from someone who has great experience, and on top of that, has clients who love her. What she’s been able to accomplish here is truly impressive.”

“I'm very blessed, and lucky, to have these women leaders in my life. In the short time I’ve worked with Denise, she been incredibly supportive - I'm excited to jump into my role with her.”

Has gaining your Series 7 changed your career trajectory?

“Absolutely. Gaining my Series 7 opened up so many opportunities - I couldn't be a financial consulting partner without it, and I wouldn’t have been able to gain invaluable experience as a broker or active trader. During the licensing program, I was trained by Paula L., and she really supported my success throughout the whole process.”

“For example, I came into the program with a good understanding of financial concepts but was struggling with options trading. As the test neared, Paula took the time to help me review pre-test materials, provided insight into potential questions I’d encounter, and helped me grasp new information. Because of her support, I went into the test with confidence – her efforts were instrumental in helping me reach my goal of passing.”