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No two brains are the same. We love that.

Natural variances in the brain result in different ways of thinking, learning, and socializing. And because we are committed to seeing the world "through clients’ eyes,” having neurodivergent employees helps us see through everyone’s eyes. Our Neurodiversity at Work program strives to remove barriers and enable people with cognitive diversities to find jobs with us as respected and included equals to their neurotypical colleagues.

Neurodiversity at Work - Charles Schwab

How Neurodiversity at Work removes barriers

How Neurodiversity at Work removes barriers.

Skill-based demonstration: We don’t use typical behavior-based evaluations. We focus on skills and experience.

Specialized hiring experts: Neurodivergent people show their abilities in countless ways. Our hiring experts are trained to help you show your skills in the way that’ll highlight your strengths.

Manager training: Our neurodivergent employees will work with managers specifically trained to guide talented professionals in this program.

Charles Schwab Neurodiversity At Work

How to apply for a Neurodiversity at Work job.

  • Click on the “Neurodiversity at Work” job opening links below.
  • Review our open opportunities and when we’ll hold our hiring event.
  • Fill out the form and submit your information.
  • One of our talent advisors will review your application to see if your skills and qualifications match the role’s requirements.

What happens after you apply.

If you meet the requirements, the talent advisor will schedule an initial call with you. Based on that call, we may invite you to a hiring event. To prepare you for the event, we will review what will happen during the event, how to present your background, and how to perform your skills-based demonstration. We’ll also send you the link to formally apply to our opportunity online.

At the hiring event, you will meet with the interviewing team, including the hiring manager, and present an overview of your background. Then, you will present your skills-based demonstration.

Based on how you do, you could be offered a job at Schwab.

Neurodiversity at Work job openings.

  • Check back soon!

Have questions? Here are some answers:

What does neurodiversity mean?

Neurodiversity refers to natural variances in the brain which result in different ways of thinking, learning, and socializing.

What is a skills-based demonstration?

A skills-based demonstration is a problem-solving exercise, built by the manager and our neurodivergent hiring expert. For example, if you apply for a job that requires data entry in Excel, your demonstration will emulate an in-role example of data entry in Excel. Before your interview, we will call you to talk through the exercise, answer any questions, and make sure you’re feeling ready to go.

Do you have an employee social group or working group specifically for the neurodivergent?

We do. Our Charles Schwab Ability Network brings together the neurodivergent, and anyone else, who wants to advocate for accessibility, create awareness about disabilities (visible and invisible), and celebrate progress.

What interviewing accommodations can you make?

Accommodations can be essential to meeting your career goals. During the interview, if you need a reasonable accommodation like assistance completing a talent profile, an ASL interpreter, closed captioning, or something else, contact Human Resources at or call 800-275-1281.

Did you work with any neurodiversity specialists to create this program?

We partnered with Neurodiversity in the Workplace to rethink and rework our traditional hiring process in order to accommodate and develop neurodivergent talent.

How committed is Charles Schwab diversity and inclusion?

We know diversity and inclusion are tied to our success and purpose of serving every client with passion and integrity, so we take our personal commitment to diversity and inclusion very seriously. You can read more about our commitment to diversity.

Charles Schwab Neurodiversity Were On A Mission

We're on a mission. 

We founded the Neurodiversity at Work program with the belief that when our workforce mirrors the cognitive diversity of our clients, we can better champion each client with passion and integrity. We seek to provide neurodivergent candidates with the support they need to join Schwab and own their tomorrow. Our process gives candidates the opportunity to learn about Schwab’s empathetic work environment while showcasing their unique interests and talents. We believe that through neurodiversity and adaptable practices, Schwab is best positioned to be your employer of choice.