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Childhood experiences and innate abilities often shape an individual’s passions and the trajectory of their future. For Richard J., a VP Financial Consultant, these early influences inspired him to join the field of finance and extend his knowledge to clients across all walks of life. Keep reading to learn more about Richard’s career journey and how he’s creating an impact at Schwab.

Richard J., a VP Financial Consultant and five-year Schwabbie, has personally witnessed the importance of gaining financial literacy. From an early age, he was cognizant of the disadvantages his family faced due to their lack of access to financial education.  

Getting Inspired to Learn About Finance

“I remember that my grandfather didn’t have the opportunity and know-how to save for retirement. And my parents have always saved but weren’t inherently financially literate. They had to develop financial literacy through their own trial and error,” explains Richard. “Plenty of people have the ability, but they lack the know-how.”

It was this experience that created Richard’s hunger for understanding finance, building informed investment strategies, and helping people in his community reclaim their power by implementing what he’s learned. Plus, with a love of math, enthusiasm for conversation, and naturally empathetic disposition, he thought “I’d be good at it.”

Taking the First Step of His Career Journey

After graduating from college, opportunity finally presented itself. Richard’s friend worked at Charles Schwab and encouraged him to join our Schwab Financial Consultant Academy. The Financial Consultant Academy is a two-year program that helps train college graduates to become Financial Consultants in one of Schwab’s nationwide branch locations. From taking inbound client phone calls to mentorship and sales training, the Financial Consultant Academy program is a great opportunity to kickstart a career as a Financial Consultant.

“Schwab is willing to invest in their people… (they put in the) time and effort to support me through the program. I think it’s a unique experience that other people don’t have,” explains Richard.

Using His Skills to Change Lives

That was five years ago in June. Today, as a licensed Financial Consultant, Richard is using his skills, acquired knowledge, and life experiences to fulfill his goal of helping people across different backgrounds gain better financial literacy. He’s also using his personable, honest disposition to create meaningful and lasting relationships with clients. “I think I’ve done well in developing a high level of trust that clients want.”

For Richard, taking a broad, long-term approach to money management is a key part of helping his clients – especially if they are members of underrepresented groups. More often than not, it’s the first time they, or their family members, have had a conversation about building wealth. Richard views this fact as an opportunity to help current and future generations gain the tools and knowledge needed to reach their financial goals.

“I’m here for clients, their children, and their grandchildren.”  




Richard's Journey: The Power of Financial Literacy 

By: Beau H., Content Manager 

Richard J.

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