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Build a Career at Schwab: Travis H.'s Journey in Wealth Management & Hiring a Career Changer

By: Beau H., Content Manager

For many, working at Schwab offers transformative professional opportunities. This is due to the fact that, as a firm, we foster an environment of continuous learning, development, and support, which both empowers our people to flourish and attracts diverse talent, including career changers. By embracing the unique perspectives of our people and giving them the resources to grow professionally, we not only enrich our firm’s culture but also provide employees the platform to build meaningful careers that can span decades.

Travis H., a Director in Wealth Management, is passionate about being a “servant to clients and fellow peers.” Over the course of 13 years at our firm, he's advanced his career within our Retail Branch Network, encountered the support needed to pursue roles that fit his life, and even extended job opportunities to career changers looking to break into finance. Keep reading to learn about his journey, and how one of his hires - a career changer named Mary - used her unique skillset and background to become a Financial Consultant at Schwab. 


Tell us about your career progression at Schwab.  

“I started as a branch manager in Illinois, and then moved to St. Louis to manage the four branches that were part of the Schwab complex. Afterwards, I supported the western division as a sales coach in a program called “unleashing our potential” for the retail branch network. Then, about three years ago, I transitioned into working in my current role as a Director in Wealth Management and Relationship Consulting. We support branches and do everything from trying to help FC’s gain efficiency, work on the language that they use with clients, planning, and helping our financial consultants continue to grow and progress in their careers.” 

How has our firm provided you with opportunities to advance professionally?  

“Our leadership has been the number-one-thing that’s supported both my personal and professional development. When I was in St. Louis, I had a daughter that was diagnosed with special needs. When I realized that my child would need additional care and support, we made the decision to move back to Utah to be closer to family.”  

“My leaders, Eric S. and Joe V., helped me find and transition into a role where I could work anywhere in the west, which made that move to Utah possible. It was their leadership that really supported me in navigating those opportunities and outcomes.” 

What are some qualities that you look for in career changers?  

“For roles in areas like client service, I look at the core skills candidates have developed and their passion for helping others. I also consider their ability to work in a really dynamic, changing environment – ultimately, I want to see that they care about supporting the success of clients and their fellow peers.” 

Tell us about your hire, Mary J. – how did her skills and perspectives translate to finance?  

“Back in St. Louis, I wanted to reestablish our measure of success for that specific market. After I had shared that vision with my wonderful team, one of my colleagues suggested I consider Mary as a potential candidate. Upon meeting her, I took notice of the fact that she was really hungry for an environment where we had clear vision, yet at the same time allowed room for creativity.”  

“Prior to joining Schwab, Mary had worked as a coffee barista. That environment was very phrenic - you’ve got customized orders, a massive menu with 10 million permutations of coffee, and on top that, she was managing a team and keeping multiple coffee houses running and clean. She had an incredible amount of skills that some hiring managers might not view as transferable, but in reality, are completely transferrable. Because of her, we ended up hiring two additional baristas.” 

Do you have advice for career changers looking to join the field of finance?  

“At Schwab, you have to come with a real, honest desire to help other people. That motivation is the key factor to being successful. There are a lot of people that come to Schwab without previous experience in finance – I myself used to be a forklift driver before starting in this industry. But as along as you have that core motivation to help other people, we can give you the tools needed to build a meaningful career.”