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ERG Spotlight: Charles Schwab Abilities Network.

By: Beau H., Content Manager

In a continuation of our Employee Resource Group Spotlight series, we’re featuring the Charles Schwab Abilities Network (CSAN). Keep reading to learn about the group, their goals, and how they’re supporting the success of fellow Schwabbies. 

In order for everyone to reach their full potential, inclusion is key. That’s why, at Schwab, we’ve created Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help establish ‘Schwabbie’ communities where our people feel valued, represented, and empowered to thrive.

What is CSAN’s Mission?

As a group, CSAN strives to foster a supportive work environment and community for those who have, or care for a loved one with, a disability. Rooted in the belief that it is our abilities that matter and overcoming a disability is a strength, the group advocates for accessibility, works to create awareness about disabilities (visible and invisible), and celebrates progress.

How Does CSAN Empower its Members to Thrive?

Through its various initiatives and programs, CSAN creates a space for individuals with disabilities and their allies to come together, share experiences, and amplify their voices. CSAN provides educational resources, mentorship opportunities, and professional development initiatives that equip its members with the tools and skills needed to be supported in their careers. By advocating for workplace accommodations and policies that promote inclusivity, CSAN ensures that its members can fully utilize their unique talents and abilities. In all, CSAN ERG empowers its members to embrace their strengths, break down barriers, and achieve their full potential within Charles Schwab and beyond. 

“ERGs like CSAN help develop skills that are needed to grow and advance…they are also inclusive, the type of environment you want to be part of, that welcomes you as you are.”

-Geraldine O., Managing Director and Multiple ERG Member

Celebration and Community

CSAN embraces a culture of celebration that honors the diverse abilities of its members and recognizes important community milestones. Under their national overseeing body sits regional chapters that dot the U.S., giving participants ample opportunity to get together and build lasting relationships. These chapters are located in:

Austin, TX                                        Indianapolis, IN

Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX                      Orlando, FL

Chicago, IL                                      Phoenix, AZ

Denver, CO                                     San Francisco, CA

At these locations, CSAN organizes various events and initiatives throughout the year that highlight achievements, promote awareness, and foster a sense of belonging within the organization. From Disability Awareness Month to International Day of Persons with Disabilities, CSAN orchestrates engaging in-person/virtual activities that educate and engage employees, while also showcasing the talents and resilience of individuals with disabilities. These celebrations may include panel discussions, guest speakers, workshops, or interactive sessions that encourage dialogue, promote understanding, and inspire positive change. By actively celebrating the unique abilities of its members, CSAN cultivates an environment of inclusivity, respect, and appreciation for all.

Resources and Education

CSAN is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing Schwabbies with essential resources and education that supports their personal and professional success. Available to all, the ERG keeps a library full of virtual links for parents, employees, autistic members or caregivers, and recruiters to connect with the information they need. They also offer resources such as assistive technology, links to workplace accommodations, and accessibility support to ensure that every individual can do their best work. Additionally, the group these resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Links to connect with the Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
  • Information about Autism support and educational programs for adults, children, and allies
  • A collection of inspirational stories from employees with disabilities
  • Interpreter Service request information
  • Resources for inclusive recruitment practices and links to peer-reviewed journals exploring hiring individuals with disabilities

And more.

For their educational component, CSAN organizes educational events and awareness campaigns to promote understanding and acceptance toward disabilities. The group also works with the Neurodiversity at Work program, which is focused on closing the employment gap in the autistic community and providing neurodivergent talent with career opportunities and community awareness at Schwab.

Career Development and Leadership

The Charles Schwab Abilities Network fosters career development and cultivates strong leadership skills among its employees and members. Through mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and skills-building, members are equipped with the tools and resources needed to pursue roles and take on leadership positions. The network also provides guidance and support in navigating career paths, setting goals, and accessing developmental opportunities, like the “Rising Leaders” Mentoring Program. By prioritizing career development and leadership initiatives, the Charles Schwab Abilities Network empowers its employees and members to excel in roles they feel passionate about.

Driving Awareness and Encouraging Membership

Schwab's Abilities Network Employee Resource Group is playing a large role in driving awareness for disabled professionals. With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, this group actively advocates for equal opportunities and supports individuals with disabilities within the organization. Through various initiatives and programs, they strive to create a workplace environment that embraces and celebrates the unique abilities and talents of disabled professionals. By organizing educational events, training sessions, and awareness campaigns, the Abilities Network ensures that employees gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by disabled individuals and learn how to foster an inclusive work environment. Moreover, the group provides a platform for disabled professionals to connect, share their experiences, and find mentorship and support. Through these concerted efforts, Schwab's Abilities Network is not only raising awareness but also creating an environment where disabled professionals can thrive and contribute their valuable skills to the organization.