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Schwoomerangs: Returning to Schwab with Nichole S.

By: Beau H., Content Manager

Back in 2013, Nichole S. started her career at Schwab in earnest at our Lone Tree, Colorado campus. Having never considered working in the field of finance, she was unsure if our company would be the right fit, but decided to follow a close friend’s recommendation to apply anyway.

Starting off as a Director in Employee Communications, Nichole was surprised at how closely Schwab’s commitment to employee success matched her own passion for supporting peers. “I was first attracted to working here because of how robust our communications team is, and how they really focus on creating positive experiences – I’m a big believer in the idea that, if you take care of your people, they’ll take care of clients.”

After being with us for six years, Nichole made the difficult decision to leave Schwab for new career opportunities. Working for competitors over the ensuing  years, it wasn’t long before she considered returning to the place that’s “truly client first.” Leaning on the great relationships forged while in Lone Tree, she made her way back to our firm in 2022 and was greeted with open arms by colleagues new and old.

Nichole’s journey back to Schwab mirrors many other “Shwoomerangs” – employees who have returned to our organization after leaving. Join us for this first installment of a series where we dive into the experiences of our Schwoomerang associates and learn how our people, career opportunities, and human-centric culture influenced their decision to come back.

Aligning with Company Values

Now a Director in Talent & Organizational Development, Nichole remains dedicated to supporting the success of other people. As a mom of two active teen boys, she understands the importance of investing resources and time into their growth, and brings that same outlook to her leadership development responsibilities at work.

Driven by this desire to make a positive impact on employee’s journeys, it’s only fitting that she would seek a company that matched her personal values. While away from Schwab, it became apparent that not all working environments are created equal. “Schwab stands out because it’s an extremely collegial environment. It’s highly respectful and employees are simply kind. There’s an unmatched level of comfort between people and their leaders, and that’s due to how we prioritize taking care of each individual person. There’s a real feeling of ‘family’ here.”

Expanding on her thought, Nichole shares how our people-forward approach to finance has remained a staple in the way we do business, and is one of the greatest differentiators between us and other firms. “We’re unique in that, out of all the other companies in the financial services industry, Schwab is still founder focused. We still revere the core values that Chuck put forth and use them to best serve our clients.”

Finding the Support and Friendships Needed to Thrive

Schwoomerangs often cite the support they get from leaders as playing a big part in their return. This was also true for Nichole, who traces a lot of her success at Schwab to specific opportunities she received before leaving and upon returning. “(Schwab) paid for me to get licensed – which was not required for my role, but helped me be more knowledgeable of our industry and the work our employees do. I’m not a ‘math person’ and have no background in financial services, so that opportunity gave me a ton of information and a huge amount of respect for my colleagues. I was also given the chance to go to the Securities Industry Institute, which was life changing. Leaders at Schwab have invested in me tremendously.”

But for Nichole and others at Schwab, leader support and career development are only part of the equation that makes our employee experience truly exceptional. Here, it’s no secret that we form incredible friendships built on trust, mutual respect, and a desire to make lives better. In her opinion, this is one of the biggest draws for new and returning employees alike. “For most of us, we love working here because of the people – they’re the reason we come back. On the whole, Schwab is a relationship-centric company, so if you’re looking to for a ‘human-first, people first’ organization that does what’s best for clients and their employees, this is the place.”

A Warm Welcome Home

During her time away from Schwab, Nichole took it upon herself to maintain close contact with her former colleagues, friends, and leader – a move that is not uncommon for many Schwoomerangs, as their professional relationships often grow out of genuine interest and care. Upon returning to Schwab, the very same people greeted her with smiles and well wishes, and Nichole felt that palpable sense of camaraderie she had missed while away.

Nichole believes that coming back was one of the best career decisions she has ever made, and notes that the warm welcome only adds to her positive view of Schwab. “When I rejoined, everyone had the same thing to say, and it wasn’t the typical ‘good to see you again’ or ‘it’s great to hear from you’ – instead, they all said, ‘Welcome home.’ It was pretty remarkable and made me feel like I was having this wonderful homecoming.”