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Over the course of our history, Charles Schwab has grown alongside the ever-changing financial landscape. One major driving force behind our firm’s continued adaptability is the diverse perspectives and innovative thought that early talent brings to the table. Through providing development opportunities for interns and early career candidates in service, tech, and finance, we’re invested in building a workforce that understands the unique needs of current and future clients.   

Our partners at Handshake, a company dedicated to “democratizing access to opportunity” for college students looking to enter the workforce, reached out to Schwabbie and Campus Team Manager Jamie K. for insight into her team’s efforts. Here’s and excerpt from their in-depth spotlight on how Charles Schwab is “building a bridge” to reach early talent.

“As Gen Z enters the workforce, they’re hoping to apply to organizations that align with their values and invest in growth. Employers are relying on Gen Z to bring innovation and fill the skills gap. Employers and Gen Z are standing on opposite sides of a ravine, knowing they have what they need, but they can’t always reach. 

That’s where Charles Schwab has been building a bridge — and seeing remarkable results. Their intern and early talent programs provide Gen Z with the skills, experience, and exposure students need. In return, those students bring thought diversity and become a pipeline of full-time hires that share Schwab’s values. Instead of competing for experienced talent, they’re growing their next generation of leaders.”


To learn more about Schwab’s commitment to the development and growth of future Schwabbies, our inclusive workplace culture, and our array of early talent opportunities, check out Jamie’s interview on Handshake.


How Schwab is Investing in Early Talent

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