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In order for everyone to reach their full potential, inclusion is key. That’s why, at Schwab, we’ve created Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help establish ‘Schwabbie’ communities where our people feel valued, represented, and empowered to thrive. 

One of these ERGs, the Black Professionals at Charles Schwab (BPACS) group, is dedicated to supporting members of the Black community through development opportunities, outreach, and informative events. Keep reading to learn more about BPACS, their initiatives, and how this ERG gives members and allies a space to create a meaningful difference in the world.                                                                     

What is BPACS Mission?

As a collective, BPACS’s goal is to empower leaders, members, and allies to focus on celebrating, educating, and advocating for fellow Schwabbies while making a positive impact in the Black community. To ensure their success in reaching this goal, BPACS works to create a national voice for clarity and direction, increase focus on the growth and engagement of members, and support inclusivity efforts at Schwab by providing greater transparency in diversity & inclusion metrics.

How Does BPACS Support Members and Communities?

BPACS members


Through events, leadership, and knowledge-sharing opportunities, BPACS champions advocacy, education, and celebration in the Black community. Here’s a breakdown of some of the resources and initiatives that support members and allies:


Spreading the BPACS legacy through impactful advocacy of Schwab’s commitment to serve, employ, and represent diversity and inclusion.

  • Increase financial literacy across the African American community
  • Support our members and community through initiatives like “BPACS Gives!” and partnerships with key organizations
  • Advocate for and implement HBCU talent strategy through internal and external partnerships, like the National Black MBA Association


Support the development and success of BPACS members and allies through investment education and knowledge-sharing geared toward creating a better tomorrow for all.

  • Prioritizing career development during our frequent Local Member and BPACS Leader Development Events
  • Providing resources that focus on the emotional and physical well-being of our members
  • Facilitating meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion across the firm and within our communities


A commitment to celebrate and recognize our members and meaningful observances.

  • Create and sustain a positive culture through member recognition
  • Quarterly, national efforts to recognize Black History Month, Juneteenth, Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and BPACS Gives efforts
  • Acknowledgment of milestones and observances that are meaningful to members through celebration and communication

BPACS Resources and Community Outreach

​​​​​​​In addition to the community and member focused efforts listed above, BPACS also provides members and allies with frequent events, volunteering opportunities, and mental/physical health resources.  

Open to employees and members alike, BPACS hosts an array of events designed to educate and empower all attendees. These events can range from historical education to group karaoke nights, guest speakers, virtual tours, hiring events, and knowledge-sharing seminars concerning Black community member’s history, health, and wealth.

For community outreach, BPACS organizes volunteering opportunities, conducts the yearly “BPACS Gives!” community initiative, and supports the attraction of HBCU graduates through diverse hiring practices. Involvement in these initiatives is open to all members, allies, and Schwab employees across the firm.

As with all ERGs at Schwab, there’s an abundance of mental and physical health resources made readily available to employees and their families. For BPACS, there is also an easily accessible, curated list of readings, talks, and events that focus on proactively addressing the specific challenges that members of the Black community face.



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ERG Spotlight: Black Professionals at Charles Schwab

By: Beau H., Content Manager

Charles Schwab

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