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If you’ve read an article on our Careers Blog, you’ve probably seen our names once or twice, and in case you’re curious to know more about us – we think it’s finally time to introduce ourselves!

The Careers Blog is the first of its kind here at Schwab and we’re so excited to be a part of it and bring you along with us. Our mission here is to help job seekers and candidates discover how our culture, benefits, and mission come to life through the stories of our Schwabbies. Blogs are published on a weekly basis, resulting in 4 each month.

As we’ve told the stories of many Schwabbies, we’d like to tell you a little bit about ours as well. Let’s dive in!

What is your current role at Schwab and how long have you been working here?

Jamie: I’ve been with Schwab for just about three years now as a Talent Sourcing Advisor in Talent Acquisition.

Andie: I was a Talent Acquisition intern for Schwab back in 2019 and currently work as a Talent Acquisition Associate in Employer Brand for about 10 months.

Mariah: I am a Talent Sourcing Advisor at Schwab and am coming up on my 3-year Schwanniversary.

What initially drew you to work at Schwab? What’s your favorite part about being a Schwabbie?

Jamie: From what I could tell about the role before joining, I knew I would be challenged to elevate my career in ways I hadn’t previously encountered. I was right! From day one, I’ve been inspired and empowered by thoughtful, brilliant leaders who encourage my colleagues and me to take hold of our unique talents and passions to most effectively (and fulfillingly) achieve our vision as a TA organization. In short, I love how much I learn every day as a Schwabbie!

Andie: I knew Schwab was a stable and reputable company. I felt that I could grow within the firm and really progress in my career after graduating college and I was so fortunate enough to get a “trial-run” as an intern and truly see what Schwab was all about. It lived up to my expectations and exceeded them! I truly have never worked for a company with such genuine, caring people before and it doesn’t matter if you’re an intern, a manager, or a senior level VP – everyone wants to see you succeed and supports you in whatever way they can.

Mariah: I knew someone at Schwab who glowed with passion about the company. In every interaction I had in the interview process, I was impressed with the people and supportive culture and instantly wanted to be part of it all! It’s so difficult to focus in on just one favorite, but I am inspired daily by colleagues and leaders across the company – by their work, passion, kindness, and expertise. I learn so much from them all and call many of them my friends too.

What draws you to writing and what do you enjoy most about it?

Jamie: This question makes me want to wax philosophical because I often tend to think of language as a problem—and within that problem, there’s both futility to access truth and meaning, but also the beauty of doing our best with what we have, of creating and understanding in spite of our limitations. All this to say, I enjoy the process and struggle of creating something when I write and have loved it since I was quite young.

Andie: I’ve always written since I was young. I really enjoyed poetry, creating fiction stories, and always had trouble condensing down my thoughts and writing under the word limit for school assignments (oops). It made me realize I truly love to write and as someone who processes a lot of what goes on around me internally, I find writing and being able to put my thoughts down on a piece of paper as a way to collect my thoughts, truly say how I feel, and be able to deliver a message in the way I envision. Plus, I love being able to honor someone’s story through my writing.  

Mariah: I love going into a deep zone of focus and creativity. There is this great strategy involved in selecting just the right words and weaving them together in the perfect way that will speak to someone else.

Do you have any favorite authors or genres?

Jamie: One of my favorite authors right now is Proust. I’m most drawn to poetry and fiction.

Andie: I’ve really been into non-fiction lately and being able to better understand and learn more about the lives of others. I love anything by Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle, it’s too hard to choose just one.

Mariah: I will read just about anything that people I know recommend! I don’t have much personal reading time these days – goals!

Outside of work, what can we catch you doing on the weekend? What do you like doing in your free time?

Jamie: I’m embarrassingly obsessed with my dog, so a perfect weekend is doing something that he can do with me, like spending time at a brewery outside with friends so he can play with the other pups. I enjoy exploring the mountains of Colorado when I can and have a specific affinity for the southwest region.

Andie: On the weekends I enjoy being pretty active, whether that’s going hiking or exploring new restaurants and traveling. I also am a big homebody at heart, so I enjoy just relaxing on the couch, catching up on shows, reading, and having some “me time”.

Mariah: Outside of work, I am married with two very young children and spend almost all of my free time with my family. We love exploring whenever possible, whether it’s a trip locally to the museum or somewhere out of state, but sometimes there is nothing better than a relaxing day at home.

If you haven't done so already, make sure to check out our Careers Blog to read more about the stories of our Schwabbies and how we bring Schwab's mission to life. 

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Jamie F. with her puppy Pictured: Jamie with her puppy Buckley. Jamie is a Colorado native and is based out of Schwab’s Lone Tree, CO service center.
Picture of Andie T. Pictured: Andie, a recent Oregon State graduate in Psychology and Management. Andie is originally from the Bay Area and is based out of Schwab’s Lone Tree, CO service center.
Picture of Mariah G. Pictured: Mariah loves to explore new places with her husband and kids in her free time. Mariah is a Colorado native and is based out of Schwab’s Lone Tree, CO Service Center.