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We understand this pandemic is unsettling for you, our clients, and employees. At Schwab, we have always been committed to serving others and during the pandemic, it’s no different.

Hiring during covid-19

To ensure your safety as a job candidate, we have moved all interviewing to a virtual format. Our Talent Acquisition team is committed to providing you the support you need throughout the hiring process. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this time.

Need help preparing for a virtual interview? Here’s a handy guide to help you prepare.

Working from home

Our employees are working from home during this time unless they have a role that requires them to work in one of our facilities.

Schwabbies working from home

Caring for employees and communities during Covid-19

In times of crisis, heroes emerge. This unprecedented time has been historic on so many levels, and we’re just beginning to see the impacts. People across our country and around the globe continue to grapple with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it seems there are still more questions than answers. Learn more about how Schwab is supporting our communities. 

Today, virtually all Schwab employees are working from home. Because of the role our company plays in the economy and the need to maintain stable operations for our clients, some essential employees continue to work at Schwab facilities. We’re striving to keep the number of people working on-site to a minimum, for now. For those on-site, we’ve implemented enhanced protections, including increased cleaning cycles and social distancing policies in all locations. Learn more about how Schwabbies are meeting the challenge of our new reality. 

Practicing resilience

Virtual Volunteering: As part of our new CommUNITY 2020 initiative — a virtual volunteering and giving program that delivers new ways for employees to serve their communities — we’ve curated hundreds of volunteer opportunities for our employees aimed at lifting those in need. 

Pro Bono challenge succeeds virtuallyIn a year full of pivots and redirections, Schwab’s eighth annual Pro Bono Challenge was no different as the nationwide event, supporting a variety of non-profit organizations with skills-based work, moved to a virtual environment to continue the impactful work of supporting community organizations in a time of great need.

Internship moves online: For the first time ever, Charles Schwab’s nine-week Intern Academy was held online in the summer of 2020, with students reporting for work each day the same way more than 95 percent of Schwab’s workforce currently is: from home.